• BOWERSOCK GALLERY-Provincetown,MA -new work-heading down this week-May 2023

    BOWERSOCK GALLERY-Provincetown,MA -new work-heading down this week-May 2023
  • CB2 art/home/furnishings

    CB2 art/home/furnishings

    this is a photo from CB2 website-- looking for a reproduction, these are framed and ready to hang

  • artist statement

    Bio—Jeffrey T Fitzgerald
    111 York St, York ME
    207 337 6002

    Artist statement 10-28-22
    Jeffrey T Fitzgerald
    622 Pelhamdale Ave, #48, Pelham Manor
    In the great middle we relocated, I now live in Pelham Manor. From the fourth floor windows, the studio’s view brims with curious expected and unexpected energy. The paintings are pieces of everyone I interacted with and places now walked upon. The color and brushstrokes are fueled by a brilliant myriad of faces coupled with a landscaped partitioned off, naves and/or grottos alive, where nature thrives between culled or boxed manmade lots, right down to the water.
    The theme of the work has always been the in between. I call this shoreline, my compositions are a door newly ajar, an edge to a neighbors treasured yard; canvases in conversation, living the eager. The eager of next to fly-I build.
    I am an ephemeral moment, the tactile world becomes brushstrokes and color on canvas. A Fauvist expression of what all 5 senses offer, for me its illustration. This kind of Hudson River School pinnacle/apex picture, a proclamation of shapes/strokes in concert. These next two seasons the compositions will unfold with boom, in action. Never relinquish, I welcome the open.

    Blue green ocean, a blue green ocean from every angle and emotion; I build. The paintings, all my work comes from the process and the subject finding a balance. From graphite dust on a surface to pigment's weight across the canvas, the painting is coupled to a place. I am often seaweed being pushed onto sand, the twain is my story.
    I grew up in a city full of immigration’s glory, brimming with reciting and standing straight in line, a world of conformity and uniform- this was slipping away. Seemingly, color was being released, wonder years into/unto Jeff’s imagination. A life on newsprint paper, from superheroes in comic books, a secret cave where I constructed compositions and costumes. Batman’s cape and cowl against an endless Gotham City was zenith.
    I grew up in a rocky coastal town with a beach of blissful tumult. A list of characters and props etched in my memory. Weeks of carefree, days of sun where tidal change interrupted by the fog horn was my town.
    Art school was a catapult, absolutely the opposite of high school. I attended a Roman Catholic high school that had zero art classes. My portfolio was watercolors of covered bridges and pen and inks of costumed vigilantes. Upon finishing the first semester, as always and never before, life was turned on end. Art History and Abstract Expressionism stepped forward and still occupy that grand and immediate space. Found space and four walls a respite, I found a slowly swirling never still peace, working in the studio, painting through the night.
    Then we lived in the city, NYC, the city forever, we covered soho, the Metropolitan, the Arts Students League and Neo-Abstract Expressionisms. There are lots of big drawings from a small and expansive sublet studio. Donna and I devoured and just barely treaded everyday expenses. Alive, passion and love bring/ brought multiple jobs and tiny bank accounts.
    Back to Maine, rocky inlets busied with mollusks, frothy tantalizing Baroque ringlets of kelp and sweeping behemoths of a bitter chiseled horizon line. The paintings are explorations and answers. Color is narrative, color is research and a box to save a story.
    I have just started. The next series of paintings will make me relaxed and wise as always. As always, the tide is no longer slack, now sand bars and fields of lavender sand appear, roamed by greedy gulls, I needfully return.

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